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It's Time to Heal...

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, disconnected or lacking direction in your life?
Do you consider yourself to be spiritual, but not religious?
Have you struggled with anxiety, depression, trauma or difficulty in relationships? 
Have past therapy experiences left you wanting more?
We can help!
Here, at Bringing Medicine, we deal in real, down to Earth medicine!
At 'Bringing Medicine' our professionally trained cultural counselors bring Spirit Back into the Counseling Relationship. Our philosophy is one where you can reconnect with and express your Authentic Self, find a sense of belonging, and reclaim your unique spiritual purpose.

How We Help


Hire our cultural experts to come train your clinicians in providing culturally competent therapy. 

White Branch

Schedule a session with one of our experienced therapists or traditional healers for soul retrieval work, depth psychology, dream analysis or spiritual readings.


Our highly skilled clinicians help to positively reframe family problems from within a holistic perspective.

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