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Who We Are ~ Clinicians

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Tonya Elliott LMFT PhD (She her hers)

Founder, CEO, Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor, Cultural Educator

Dr. Elliott is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. She is of 'Tsa La Gi' (Cherokee), Pawnee, Scottish, English and French descent. Culturally she identifies as Cherokee and travels to Oklahoma frequently to engage in traditional ceremonies such as stomp dance. She is drum keeper for 'Otsigeya', a Native Women's mother drum group and has supported the organization of the Annual Native Women's Drum Summit since 2014. She has invested over 20 years working with Native American women and their families to support cultural restoration and spiritual healing. Understanding the  cultural perspective of mental illness as a spiritual illness and treating the person holistically is the  foundation of culturally responsible therapy which leads to true healing. With 10 years as a college professor of counseling and 20 years of clinical experience  and traditional knowledge she is sought out for her depth of clinical knowledge and cultural understanding. 


When she is not doing supervision, grading papers or helping others, you can find her hanging out with the kiddos, swimming at the river, kayaking, or nurturing her medicinal plants in the garden.   

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Patrice Harris 

AMFT 123411

APCC 8525


Patrice is of African American descent and is the newest Intern at Bringing Medicine. She is multi-cultural and multi ethnic. She asserts that healing is not linear and recognizes that each individual has their own unique path. Over the past 12 years she has had the privilege of working with individuals from many walks of life. She has experienced working with youth, transitional age youth, and adults in a mental health setting targeting specific issues such as anxiety, trauma, homelessness, and substance abuse. She is trained in Brainspotting and skilled in working with trauma. She is passionate about working with individuals, couples, and families.  Her experience has given her the opportunity to assist individuals with increasing their quality of life in a unique way. Her goal is to assist you with acquiring the necessary tools and strategies, that will allow you, to become the best version of yourself. She is  authentic, genuine, and empathetic and is fully invested in assisting you with your healing journey and to helping you discover the beauty in your life.

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Karlie Youngblood MA, LMFT (She her hers)

Karlie is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. She is Tsa la gi (of Cherokee descent) and has been involved in Native culture and ceremonial ways most of her life. As a psychotherapist who specilizes in depth psychology, she has educational roots in Jungian Psychology. She believes that it is the unconscious that holds many keys to one's overall wellness. She understands that to unlock this one can look at dreams, images, metaphor, synchronicities, archetypes, mythology, art, music, and the like, as the language of the unconscious. It is not always easy to understand this language, but she can help you can begin to decode the inner workings of your psyche.

Karlie honors that each person has their own journey and is committed to helping people work through their unique personal processes. From her perspective, people are complex and must be seen as whole beings with integrated physical, social, psychological, and spiritual qualities. She seeks to help guide clients toward their own empowerment, growth, and healing. Her belief in the therapeutic relationship includes bearing witness to one's process, which can be a powerful experience of awakening from habitual patterns that create internal struggle.

When Karlie is not bringing her superpowers to help others you can find her on her family's 40 acre property communing with peacocks, feeding the horses or meditating under the stars.  

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