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Our Services


Our services are founded on evidence-based practices combined with research-based cultural adaptations that intentionally decolonize the therapeutic experience for Indigenous & BIPOC people. 


At Bringing Medicine, we believe that all people have indigenous roots somewhere in their lineage and that tapping into the consciousness and spirit of your unique lineage has profound healing effects in the here now.

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Culturally Adapted Individual and Family Therapy

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Our highly skilled clinicians help to positively reframe family problems from within a holistic perspective.  Using this lens to see the family as a whole and build community is central to creating balance and healing within the family system. 


We offer:

- Individual Counseling
Couples Counseling 

- Child Counseling

- Play Therapy

- Family Counseling

- Coping & Adjustments

- Anger Management

- Group Therapy

- Organizational and Agency 

   Healthy Co-Worker Counseling

Girl Gazing
Dry Dirt Road

Schedule a session with one of our experienced therapists or traditional healers for soul retrieval work, depth psychology, dream analysis or spiritual readings.

This type of therapy integrates the Authentic Self and supports the client in centering their worldview from a love-based, spiritually grounded perspective. All religions and denominations welcome. Inclusivity is our goal. 


We offer:

- Ceremony 

- Traditional Healing

- Talking Circles

- Medicine walks

Shadow on Concrete Wall
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Expressive Arts Therapy


Expressive Arts Therapy includes art therapy, sandtray therapy, drum therapy, clay work, gourds, basket making etc. All of these practices are founded in mindfulness strategies that help the individual move from an energy of doing to an energy of being. It is an opportunity to purge the unconscious and  heal negative beliefs unleashing our unlimited divine potential. 

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Morning Mist over Forest
Professional Workshops and Trainings 
Understanding & Healing Historical Trauma
Gang Mediation/Community Violence Prevention
Therapeutic Pine Needle Basket Weaving
Drum Assisted Therapy
Art Therapy as a Spiritual Practice 
Social Justice and Cultural Competency Coaching for Therapists and Interns
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