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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Our Vision 


Our vision is to help restore peace & wellness for all human beings. Using Native American traditions and healthy cultural ways of being we help to establish a pathway for people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, have been affected by historical trauma, feel disconnected from their culture, or who otherwise need guidance. Using traditional healing methods, combined with professional mental health counseling, we offer a well-grounded  spiritual healing  space where human beings can find a sense of belonging in a healthy spiritually like-minded community. 


About Us


Bringing Medicine is an intertribal collaborative  effort from people who care about sustainablility,  mental health, cultural teachings, ceremony and spiritual growth. We understand the symbiotic relationship between the environment, our bodies and our spirit. 


 Our 'Bringing Medicine' family has over 80 collective years in Native American ceremony, traditional medicine and clinical experience. Our integrative approach provides a holistic experience for our community members to explore culturally relevant healing and psychotherapy options. Together we can help you navigate life's challenges and reclaim your spiritual path. 

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